BTS' Jung-kook freezes up during solo shoot

SEOUL • The seven members of South Korean boy group BTS are most comfortable when they are together.

In their two new Dynamite music videos, each member had scenes that were shot individually for their respective solo parts, according to South Korean pop-culture news outlet Koreaboo.

Main vocalist Jung-kook, also known as the maknae (that is, the youngest person in the group), had his scenes shot in a retro bedroom, with posters of musicians plastered on the walls.

While the 22-year-old looked relaxed and confident while performing, he revealed that it was not actually the case. In a new video posted on Thursday, the group reacted to their first Dynamite MV, which was released on Aug 21.

Jung-kook said he had a "hard time shooting this scene".

RM shared that his bandmate had to do multiple takes, while Suga said: "Jung-kook doesn't do his best work when he's alone."

Jung-kook agreed, admitting: "I freeze up when I'm put in the spotlight.

"You know how the cameras were static and I had to do the scene alone? It was really tough, so the morning shoot got pushed back to the very last. I was the first one there and the last one out."

He added: "I don't think I was feeling my best. I wasn't feeling so hot."

However, his bandmates begged to differ. J-Hope said that despite the difficulties, the scene turned out well.

"But you look great here," he told Jung-kook.

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