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  • Left: Marks on Dr Lam's face from wearing a N95 mask. In February, one of his patients was confirmed to have Covid-19. "I was quite happy that we managed to find a patient who was positive and send him off to the hospital. If we had let the patient g
When an outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome occurred in 2003, Dr Lawrence Lam, 34, was a junior college student who never imagined being on the front lines of an epidemic.

How has Singapore changed over the years? Every fortnight, The Straits Times will feature old and new images of a place in Singapore.

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This is the last instalment of Singapore Slider as the series is taking a break. 

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As India enforced a nationwide lockdown in an effort to combat the coronavirus pandemic, one police officer in Chennai found an eye-catching way to raise awareness.
One of Europe's most famous mountains is being used to send a message of hope during the coronavirus pandemic.
A traditional celebration in Valencia, Spain, that features massive monuments was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak in Europe.


Boys on bicycles trying to keep up with Adrian Chua, nine, and his uncle, Mr Vincent Chua, 40, on pocket bikes during a "race" at the National Stadium carpark on Labour Day, 1981.

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A series based on stories from Wong Kim Hoh's It Changed My Life

  • Chen's 1986 solo exhibition in Paris was inaugurated by the late David Marshall, Singapore's then ambassador to France. Artist Henri Chen KeZhan, 61, with his dog Anton, an adopted great dane. Chen's parents initially objected to his pursuing art, bu
The founder of non-profit charity Temenggong Artists-in-Residence has personally funded the studies of more than 20 promising artists.