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Security staff using a loudspeaker to remind residents about anti-coronavirus measures in the Ikebukuro leisure district in Tokyo yesterday.

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Despite the high sales volume, an industry expert cautioned that the significant spike may be attributed more to a backlog of transactions and may not be indicative of a market recovery.
A banner in Sims Avenue in Geylang on Thursday showing the number of dengue cases there. The vast majority of current dengue clusters are in the south-eastern part of Singapore. ST PHOTO: KUA CHEE SIONG

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Valtteri Bottas steering his Mercedes to victory in last Sunday's Austrian Grand Prix in Spielberg. This weekend's race is on the same track, where Bottas also won in 2017 and finished third last year and in 2014 for Williams. PHOTO: AGENCE FRANCE-PR
Manchester City's David Silva, seen shooting under pressure from Newcastle's Valentino Lazaro, scored from a free kick and set up goals for Gabriel Jesus and Raheem Sterling in City's 5-0 win on Wednesday. PHOTO: REUTERS

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Friday July 10 2020

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